CHERYL HARDACRE: "much needed warmth, clarity, charm & feminine wisdom"

I recently witnessed Helen as a key speaker at an event for Evernote software. Helen held the floor in front of around 100 people ... the majority of them tech-savvy, accomplished men and I watched with interest the faces of the men in the audience as she spoke. She captivated them all ... the young geeks, the sleek businessmen, the savvy IT professionals. Why? Because Helen combines her extensive knowledge of the software with practical tips on how to use it for ultimate productivity without it overwhelming the user. So often you get the high-tech utilitarian explanation without the humanity, but Helen gives BOTH. And to witness these same men crowding around her at the end of the session to gain more of her wisdom said everything. It takes great strength to be a leader in your field no matter who you are, but for me it's even more exciting to see a woman take the reins in a very male-dominated field like IT. Helen, you are an inspiration: beyond a wealth of knowledge, you bring much-needed warmth, clarity, charm and feminine wisdom to an often cold, utilitarian IT world. Go Helen!

Cheryl Hardacre
International Author and Founder of Wild Self

ROBIN DICKINSON: "Helen is a productivity tour de force"

Helen is a productivity tour de force. Her recommendations have saved me time and money, and kept me well ahead of the pack when it comes to technology, productivity and getting things done efficiently and effectively. She combines a leading edge knowledge of technology and outstanding communication skills to deliver commonsense, practical and easy to implement technology advice. I am a huge fan of Helen Crozier and recommend her at every opportunity I get.

Robin Dickinson, Sales Trainer, Business Facilitator and Artist

ELIZABETH LOVIUS: "from 5000+ emails to zero"


I was drowning in an inbox sea until Helen saved me. Helen patiently supported me to get my Inbox from 5000+ to zero by holding my hand through the various hardware and software challenges we met along the way. I could not have done it without her, it was just too scary and too big a job that just kept getting bigger. She brought a patient, tenacious support that made all the difference and helped me face my inbox hoarding ways. Her regular check-ins keep me on the straight and narrow - and I feel liberated. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Elizabeth Lovius

ROBIN POWIS: "Helen seamlessly transformed my technology into productivity"


“Helen is a dynamo who has seamlessly transformed my technology into productivity. By assessing my systems, Helen was able to get me on track and most importantly allow me more time in my day. Helen is extremely generous with her time and explains the techno stuff to me in a way I can fully comprehend. I highly recommend Helen to anyone looking to improve their productivity while keeping up to date with the latest technological trends.”


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