Evernote iOS clipper update: tagging notes is here!

The option of being able to add tags to a note being created via the iOS clipper has been on many Evernote users' wish lists since the sharing extension first arrived. Happily if you have the latest version of Evernote for your iPhone or iPad you can now do your filing as you clip and assign tags as well as selecting your notebook. 

Here is the process laid out in four simple steps. In the example below I have tagged the note '/blog-idea'. If I create a shortcut to this tag a rich source of writing inspiration would then be just one click away if I continue to tag accordingly.


Click on the iOS share icon at the bottom of your device.


Select Evernote

Tip: If you don't see the Evernote app icon scroll to the right and make sure it is turned on for sharing. Don't forget you can drag the app icons and place them in your preferred order.


Click on Tags
select each tag you would like to add
click on evernote to return to the clipping


Type a more relevant note title if required.
Click on Save.