Evernote Every Day: Travel, Tasks and Information


It was an emotional week for me this week saying goodbye to my 20 year old daughter. She's off to seek her fortune, escaping the wet winter to visit Europe. One could not begrudge her such adventure but we are close and on similar wave lengths so it takes a little getting used to. At the last minute I persuaded her to let me provide her with three months of an Evernote premium account as I was really keen for her to have dedicated notebooks containing itineraries, travel insurance details and important phone numbers which she could share. The only reason she was reluctant was because it was 'my idea' however in the end I persuaded her that having access to all that info on her phone, plus her traveling partner's phone even without wifi access was in fact a good thing! I gave her a quick lesson on how to clip information from emails or websites into Evernote as well. I'm hoping she will get value from it. I was actually taking photos using Scannable right at the airport and putting them in the notebook for her. Happily she has shared that notebook with me so I can see what country she is in depending on the day.  


This week in between consulting  I've been writing mini tutorials on becoming more efficient with Evernote. I've also been working on some minor layout changes for my website so I do a screenshot using Skitch so I can annotate the image with arrows and bold text explaining what needs to be done. I then make sure that note goes into my .action notebook so it doesn't get lost. Once the work is done I either delete the note if it is not important or move it into my #archive notebook. Any time critical notes will have a reminder added to them. For example if a competition has a closing date of 30 June I will put a reminder of 23rd on the note. A week before the expiry I will receive a notification on my phone. It is important to be discrete with the number of reminders you attach to notes. If not careful you may become exposed to an excessive quantity and start to rebel by ignoring them.... childish I know but normal behaviour when we are under attack.


When I see ideas or events to follow up in the busy She Business Members Lounge on Facebook I open the post into it's own page then use the Evernote web clipper, selecting 'article'. Opening the post in it's own page (just click the date/time stamp link) removes extra details such as following or preceding posts. It gives you more white space  and less clutter. A conversation thread may be worth capturing if it is about problems that I could solve by developing a product or service. If there is too much good information in a thread on Facebook but I know that it has potential to help I will clip the article and add it into my .read/review notebook.

The same sort of procedure for dealing with tasks and information will work regardless of where you are reading it:-
blogs, linkedin, twitter, instagram or any other forum where you gather information.

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