Podcast Interview with Annette Jones and Mel Kettle

I had a blast being interviewed by these two fabulous women. I highly recommend not only listening to this podcast if you are an Evernote user but also subscribing to The Activity Pod and listening to all of them.

When I'm listening I feel as if I'm having a coffee with a couple of really good friends and really enjoy the informal style. I do however learn so much about how other successful business owners run their day so don't miss out on this great resource.


  • reading in the morning
  • creating “zones” for the day for blocking out time to get stuff done
  • how much we are exposed to food and how much life can revolve around it
  • setting up your day so you reclaim your agenda
  • managing a daily to do list and choosing the most important things to do
  • workflow and information management
  • how to use Evernote effectively
  • the difference between the free and premium versions of Evernote
  • using hashtags in Evernote
  • using Evernote offline
  • using Evernote when travelling
  • top things to do when first starting Evernote
  • choosing a naming convention in Evernote
  • stacks vs notebooks
  • digital wellbeing
  • productivity apps to help you focus and use your time more effectively

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