How Evernote acts as a second brain and helps one entrepreneur manage his fast growing iced-coffee business

Jimmy Cregan is an entrepreneur that has been taking the grey shores of the UK by storm since 2010 with his beautifully branded iced coffee. His catchphrase is #KEEPYOURCHINUP and I wonder if that refers at all to the fact that he is pining for the sunshine and surf he enjoyed so much when on holiday for a year here in Australia. 

Apart from the fact he's a cool guy, the reason Jimmy caught my eye however is that he's the small business ambassador for Evernote and he has some great tips on how he uses it in the day to day running of his fast growing empire.

After a year of traveling around Australia, quenching his thirst with delicious Aussie Iced Coffee, Jim Cregan returned to the UK to a lot less sunshine, even less surf and a sweet and sickly version of the iced coffee he’d enjoyed on the other side of the world. So, in true entrepreneurial style, Jim and his sister decided to make their own. Jim uses Evernote for every aspect of his business; everything from capturing important meeting notes to sharing exciting new ideas.

Here are three of the ways he puts Evernote to use:-

  1. Publicity Collection: Jimmy uses the web clipper to gather blog posts, images and reviews about his product which he can then easily present to buyers, shareholders and investors.
  2. Task Management: when Jimmy remembers something that must be done he sends an email to his Evernote email address and adds a #todo tag to the subject line. This gathers all his tasks together in the notebook of his choice.
  3. Memory backup - with so much going on at the office and on the road Jimmy takes photos of whiteboards, the side of trucks and any other inspiration, tags and saves them to Evernote knowing they will not be lost!

Evernote has so much potential to assist but you often need someone who knows the product inside and out to brainstorm ideas on how it will help you in your particular business or personal project situation. 

Jimmy's Iced Coffee
Jimmy and Evernote