Productivity Hacks for Innovators on the Go in Sydney: A summary

Joshua Zerkel, Reece Creighton, Helen Crozier, Toby Marshall,  and Ken Inoue

Joshua Zerkel, Reece Creighton, Helen Crozier, Toby Marshall,  and Ken Inoue

On Monday night General Assembly Sydney and Evernote partnered with Sydney's three Evernote Certified Consultants to present Productivity Hacks for Innovators on the Go, The crowded room was filled with a range of Evernote afficionados, down to the curious wanting to learn more or perhaps even the odd lapsed user.

Accompanied by , Ken Inoue, General Manager, APAC and Japan Evernote, Sydney's three Evernote Certified Consultants answered questions from Joshua Zerkel, Director of Global Community, Channels and Training at Evernote about how they structured their day, what challenges they faced and what some of their favourite tools (aside from Evernote) were.

With regard to how Evernote is used in their businesses Toby Marshall, of Lead Creation uses it to store and share large process documents with his 35 plus team. Reece Creighton of Setup Sync & Learn also uses Evernote for work and travel documents. Helen Crozier uses Evernote to share workflows and information with clients and family on all her projects. As Helen likes to travel light she also chooses whenever possible to leave her laptop behind and use Evernote web on any computer where she may be working. Evernote Work Chat is one way she and her clients avoid communication 'noise' by directly linking to relevant Evernote notes or notebooks inside the chat.

Helen Crozier's Apps and Tools

1. Zen

Think of Zen as  'tinder for your Evernote inbox'. It's a fantastic tool for quickly deleting or filing notes in your default notebook.

Do your notes keep piling up in your default notebook(inbox) in Evernote? By using Zen, you can quickly organize your notes with swipe operation. • Right swipe to archive into specific notebook • Long right swipe to trash • Left swipe to other notebooks Zen makes getting to inbox zero and you feel refreshed!

2. Neo Notes

Neo Notes is the companion app for the N2 Neo Smartpen and N notebooks. Writing with the digital pen on paper can synchronise automatically to an Evernote notebook. Choose between a large variety of different sized notebooks, add audio to drawings and convert to text (if your writing is not as messy as mine). Multiple methods of sharing your text and drawing are available. Backup to Google Drive is also available.

3. Azendoo

Azendoo is my tool of choice when co-ordinating projects for teams. This shared workspace software integrates directly with Evernote as well as many other cloud productivity tools. It has a clean and attractive interface. Azendoo efficiently replaces email as a workflow and communication tool.

4. Plan

Plan is a web plus iOS time management tool that helps you view your task lists next to your calendar and allocate those tasks into your day or week. With many of our task lists just growing longer and longer this is a realistic and often confronting way to realise that we may not just get through everything on those lists unless we rearrange our schedule accordingly. Focuster is another tool highly recommended because you give each task a time value and the app will keep slotting the task into any available time in your day according to how you've listed  your priorities.

5. Calm

Choose meditation sessions of between two and 30 minutes. Restore sanity. Delete the stress. Available on the web or mobile. I have subscribed and adore listening to Calm with my Bose QC25 noise cancelling headphones.

6. Siri

Talking is always faster than typing so whenever possible speak to your iPhone. Dictating emails and text messages will save you an enormous amount of time. For more proof on that read this article.


Toby Marshall's Apps and Tools

  1. Asana - project management for teams
  2. Rev - transcription services $1/minute
  3. 1Password - password storage
  4. Calendly - say goodbye to email tag for scheduling appointments, interviews, calls, demos and much more
  5. Google Apps - email, calendar and documents in the cloud
  6. Upwork - find freelancers to tackle any work, anywhere, any time
  7. Pzizz - advanced sleep and power nap system

Reece Creighton's Apps and Tools

Joshua Zerkel's Apps and Tools

  1. Crystal - your communication coach for every conversation. Improve your emails, meetings, and relationships with personality insight. (I've tested this out and it's amazing!)
  2. Focus@Will -  Music scientifically optimized to boost concentration and focus (I'm a subscriber to this and love in particular the alpha chill soundtrack)
  3. Kayak - Trips on Mobile - All your plans and bookings, at hand, any time. (I've also started using this for my upcoming trips since Joshua's recommendation)

The evening was regarded to be highly successful by all who attended. We look forward to similar events in the future.

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