The New Moleskine Smart Writing Set


Explore the creative potential of the new Smart Writing Set. See how sketches created with pen and paper are easily transformed into digital prototypes that can be edited and shared right from your smartphone or tablet.

 Moleskine have announced an exciting new productivity and creative collection in collaboration with the Neo smartpen. It's called the Smart Writing Set and is comprised of a paper tablet, digital pen and app. Having been using the Neo smartpen since June of last year I can confirm from experience that it is an elegant, sophisticated and intelligent way of easily sharing your hand written or drawn notes on paper. The pen is lightweight, easy to use and really does look like a normal pen. 

The paper notebook in this collection is quirkily shaped like a digital tablet hence the name 'paper tablet'. The app is a very smart piece of software that lets you instantly share to Evernote or any other cloud based note storage system you use. If the idea of writing on glass does not appeal but you have the need to digitise your creativity then this may be the solution for you. 

Each page of the notebook or the entire notebook may be shared as an image, PDF or SVG and may be transferred via the app in a variety of ways. You may choose between email, social media, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox to name a few. Automatic backup to Evernote or Google Drive ensures that every note is safely stored in the cloud whatever adventures your physical notebook may encounter.

I would hope that Moleskine are adding more notebook sizes to their product line. In the meantime smaller notebooks are available from the Neo smartpen global store. I currently use the handy memo pad to capture quick notes on the fly. Stay tuned for more stories on how I use the Neo smartpen and Evernote in the coming weeks.

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