Livescribe 3: the smartpen we were waiting for

Be still my beating heart! I have been the proud owner of a livescribe sky wifi pen since seeing a demo at CEBIT in May. My partner also purchased one and we have continued to use it rather than casting it off like a gizmo that turned out to be a waste of money. 

Essentially we have been able to write notes in a special notebook and upload them to a digital Evernote notebook which is searchable depending on the state of our writing. I have used it when I feel like being more creative. Hand-writing can sometimes be easier on the brain when it is under duress. I find it more relaxing to write, draw and doodle my thought streams. My partner used it for project management meetings. We have both had the occasion to be pleased we had the digital version of notes. My husband misplaced his book for over a week. I accidentally tipped a glass of water all over mine and the pages stuck together. In both situations we were able to access what we had written either on our phone, iPad or on the web. Very handy. 

Livescribe have updated the pen to be even more useful. This pen is lighter and more stylish. It uses bluetooth rather than wifi to send the data to your iPhone or iPad. Note you must be running the latest operating system IOS7. Sadly it is not compatible with android devices. However the capabilities are nothing short of miraculous.

The Livescribe+ mobile app pairs with your Livescribe 3 smartpen to instantly sync everything you write on paper directly onto your iPhone or iPad. 

  • Review your notes in Page view or in the Feed where they are sorted into smaller, useful snippets of information
  • Notes can be searched, tagged and converted into text!
  • Use handwritten notes to create tasks, reminders, calendar events, new contacts and more
  •  Add photos, text notes and pencasts to your notes
  •  Create shareable PDFs of any content from the app 

Battery life has increased to 14 hours. The Livescribe 3 comes in two pricing packages starting at $199AUD. The real killer feature that will boost anyone's productivity enormously is the handwriting to text capability. This really is what we have been waiting for and it looks to have been done exceptionally well. For anyone still attached to the idea of handwriting the possibilities are endless. Write songs, poems, novels and business proposals by hand anywhere knowing that as soon as you connect to the app you will have a digital version.

I suspect this is going on my Christmas wish list along with the Thermomix! 
Livescribe site. Watch the video here. Order from Smartpen if in Australia.




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