How Many Times Do You Waste One Percent Of Your Day?

 Avalon Rockpool by  Helen Crozier  © 2013

Jason Womack's Your Best Just Got Better is an unabashed time management and productivity book. Jason reminds us that we have just under 100 fifteen minute blocks in one day. We can get a lot done in 15 minutes but so often we fritter those time blocks away when they could be put to good use. By 'always being ready' you are in a position to make the very best use of the one or two percent fractions of your day when things don't go as planned. 

For example when you are waiting at an appointment and the person you are seeing is running late you might use that time to predictably 'check' email, facebook, twitter, your blog feeds or what is happening on the news. This might not be the most productive use of that time block. If you have a list of slightly more important things that need doing and are organised enough to have the supplies and information required to achieve those tasks then you are in a much better position to get some important things done.


  • make sure your address book is kept up to date with contact details
  • carry blank note cards and stamps
  • keep some in-depth reading material with you eg an industry magazine or report that requires uninterrupted time

The point of Jason's excellent advice is for you to use those quite substantial chunks of time to get something meaningful done. If those opportunities come you may choose to use that time professionally or even for personal development. Fifteen minutes can move you forward if you are learning a language. If privacy is available fifteen minutes can also give you enough time to call a friend or relative and connect with depth.  

How you spend the time that arrives unexpectedly is up to you. I'm with Jason though. If you are using it to be online, take care with being conscious of how much time is being spent that way. One fifteen minute block liking instagram photos and facebook posts may not give you such a feeling of accomplishment compared to what else you might be able to do. Sometimes if you are tired and stressed though just being present with where you are and how you are breathing for 10-15 minutes might just be the ticket to feeling less exhausted. 

Helen Crozier