Evernote Tutorial: How to send emails to Evernote

If you have an Evernote plus, premium or business account it is possible to forward emails into your notebooks using your private Evernote email address.

Learn how to set this up by watching the brief video below.


  • Add your Evernote email address to your address book as a contact.
  • Remember to CC or BCC any relevant emails with that address if you wish to use/share them inside Evernote.
  • Each email will arrive in Evernote as an individual note inside your default notebook but you may change the notebook by editing the subject line of the email. You may also add tags to the subject line for similar magic to happen.

Changing and email subject from FWD: Your itinerary for Austin Convention to Your Itinerary for Austin Convention @Austin Convention #claim will create a tidier note without the FWD in your Austin Convention Notebook with the 'claim' tag for processing by accounts.

Advanced email skills include:-

  1. Adding reminders
  2. Attaching to an existing note
  3. Automatic Filing.

Learn how to use those by reading the How to Save Email into Evernote knowledge base article or contact me for a 60 minute online training session over the phone.